Our Faith and Mission Statement


We are a United Methodist Church in connection with the East Ohio Conference.  We believe in a God of Love who created this world and has been working hard for thousands of years to rescue it.  We believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all the world, and that He will return to bring the Kingdom of God.  We believe that this Kingdom will dome.  Until that day, we will live as disciples who will serve, and as members of the Body of Christ.  We believe in God's grace, which is big enough to cover all the brokenness of our lives and our world.


It is our Mission to make and mature desciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation and healing of the world.  This Mission gives our lives all the meaning they would ever need.

Sunday School


Bunker Hill offers various choices for Sunday School.  We have 3 adult classes including our "oldest member" class which we simply call "Mel's Class" that has some great discussions and studies, the "Corner Class, and a Mens' class.  And, last but not least, we have a great Sunday School program for the children called "B.L.A.S.T."

Miss Joyce does a wonderful job and really 'blesses' our children.


We love music at Bunker Hill! 


Our Praise Team consisting of guitars, keyboard,

bass and vocals begins our worship each Sunday morning. 


Elders / Seniors

Each Sunday after worship and Sunday School a group of folks go out to lunch somewhere in the vicinity.  We call this fun group "The Lunch Bunch." 


Once a month on Wednesday evening a group from Bunker Hill goes to a local nursing home to sing, visit, and share God's love.



We are real "prayer warriors" here at Bunker Hill!  We have a phone prayer chain as well as an email prayer group.  We include all and any who might need our prayers in the community.


Anyone in need of prayer can contact Pastor McCartney on our "contact" page and be put on our Prayer Chain.

Community Service

On the second Friday of each month we sponsor the SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK of Mahoning County.  If West Branch Schools cancel for a snow/calamity day, we cancel 2nd Harvest. The people of the church provide the support and location which enables hundreds of hungry people in our area to receive food assistance.  We begin at 9:30am and finish by 11:00am.  Please bring some form of ID with you as well as boxes/bags for you food items.  Again, this is open to all, and anyone who is not a part of the church can help as well.


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