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        Hilltop News 

         Summer 2022 

  July/August 2022


It is our Mission to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation and healing of the world.  This Mission gives our lives all the meaning they would ever need.”


Pastor’s Page           

Dear Bunker Hill Family and Friends,

           We’ve celebrated Easter and Pentecost, and now the summer months are with us.  We are so fortunate to have the beauty of the earth God has provided.

           Recently the East Ohio Annual Conference was held in Akron.  The sessions were very positive and uplifting with Bishop Tracy Malone’s leadership.  The overall theme this year was “Let Us Live Love”.  The scripture was I John 4: 7-12.  Iris Andrews gave a report on Annual Conference during worship on Jun 26th.

           As we reach out with God’s love at Bunker Hill and beyond there are qualities with which we are blessed.

           Churches our size usually experience hospitality, friendliness, closeness, and prayerful concern.  Fellowship in all of life’s experiences is important.

           Our love relationship with Jesus compels us and urges us to reach out in love to others as well.

           In a district workshop I attended several years ago on the small church, one aspect of the event was “Us and Our House”.  What makes a viable and durable form of the Church”?

  1. Maintaining a vital worship of God

  2. Providing soul care: prayers for healing, reconciliation etc.

  3. Blessing the community where we are

  4. Passing the faith to the next generation

  5. Maintaining the order of the Church

  6. Maintaining the building for sacred space and mission.

Does any of this sound or feel familiar?

All of this is a living reminder: “This is how God showed His love among us:  He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him”. I John 4:10.

How pleasant it is to share this love from God.

Doesn’t that give you a positive vision of being the Church in this place?

Grace and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus, 

Pastor Dave



Keep them in your prayer

 Dick & Joyce Billingsley

 Laura Biery

 Dick Biery

Dave Martig

Linda Johnson

Dolores Campbell

Ukraine situation

Gfeller Family, Jarrett’s Passing

Larry Elasivich

Art Zeager

Grace Wood

Bunker Hill Church


     On the Calendar




“Google Classroom Update”

If any of you are not receiving emails from our Google Classroom with announcements and would like to receive them, please contact Jodie Bock at or ph: 330-853-8360.



July 10 – Breakfast before worship

                Serving 9:00am to 9:30am

July 10 – Favorite T-shirt Sunday

July 24 – Hymn Sing during worship




August 14, 15, 16 – Kids Camping at     

              Guilford Lake

August 21 – “Garden Produce Sunday”

Bring extra to share

We Have a Celebrity!


 Gene Karlen, Naomi and Harry’s son, has been chosen to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City on July 21st!  This is so exciting and such an honor!  Gene was singing at someone’s home at a hymn sing and someone that heard him shared a recording with a pianist from Carnegie Hall.  She has written the song that he and 6 other tenors are performing.  Congratulations to the Karlen family…we are so proud for you!


Tidbits from the Old Parish Nurse

         Atrial Fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) characterized by rapid and irregular beating of the atrial chambers of the heart.

            There is a lot of research going on this year because there are more and more people 60 years old and older getting the AF symptoms.

            AF symptoms can include any or all of these: shortness of breath, exhaustion, dizziness, light headedness, chest discomfort, and irregular pulse.

            Some of the treatments are cardioversion, medication, blood thinners and a procedure called an ablation - all of which may or may not work. A cardiac ablation is a procedure that is used to correct heart rhythm problems where the doctor goes into the atrium and tries to stop the nerve from malfunctioning.

            Some complications of AF can be CVA, TIA's and possibly death when the ventricle contracts push the clots to the brain.

            Blood thinners may be prescribed to try and prevent the clots. A person needs monthly blood tests to regulate the thinness of the blood.

AF is a strange condition as some people live with it and have no symptoms.

            Every doctor has different opinions on the treatment of AF. If you are not happy with the treatment you are receiving, please go to another doctor until you get help and the AF is better controlled.                                                                                                       Dolores Campbell


Kid’s Days…

Kids’s Day in August will be a camping trip to Guilford Lake.  The kids will head out on August 14th and come home on the 16th.  We will be hiking, swimming, doing crafts, singing and eating.  We will have devotions each day.  If anyone would like to come and teach the kids some outdoor skill such as cooking, fishing, bird watching, or recognizing wildflowers and plants we would welcome you.  Please contact Sheri Summers at 330-614-8558 to be part of our kid’s camping experience!



Special Sundays coming up at Bunker Hill

It is a joy to gather as a church family each Sunday, whether it is in-person, on-line or by viewing the service recording at a later time.  Pastor invites us to share in some Special Sunday celebrations including:


   What kind of emotional attachment do you have to a place, a memory, a team or a faith experience?  Your T-Shirt can tell a story today.


    We all have a song that's special to us.  If you have a special hymn in mind - turn in your request.  Expressing our faith with music, especially hymns is good for all of us.  


    Our gardens can represent the abundance of God's gifts.  Sharing these special gifts with neighbors and friends and our church brothers and sisters is a celebration of our joy for all that God provides.


    We may have neighbors that attend church some time or no times.  Let them know you appreciate them and would be honored to have them come with you.  Maybe you could take them out to a meal afterwards.

Coming up at Bunker Hill - Get involved!

Several events for our church and the community are on our summer and fall calendar.  We need folks to help, to lead, to participate.  We all have unique gifts to contribute, what calls to you? 


14th – 16th        Kid’s Camping – see the article in this newsletter and talk to Sheri!

September through October 15th

Soccer Ministry – set out water bottles and snacks under the portico for families participating in soccer games at the Harry Karlen Field.  Visit with folks from our community.  Pick one game or several.  Contact: Sheri Summers (330.614.8558)


16th      Church Breakfast– Gather for fellowship and a light breakfast.  The Social Committee is organizing.  Contact:  Barb Biery (330.509.9194) or Pat Coy (330.853.1443)

22nd      Trunk or Treat for the community in our parking lot.  Contact: Sheri Summers and her

              Committee who did an awesome job last year!



19th      Church Dinner – The Chicken and Biscuit Dinners have been missed!  There are folks willing to help, but a leader is needed.  Contact Dianne Shoemaker  (330.257.3377) if you are interested! Please!


10th          Holiday Cookie Sale – Coming back after a successful 2021, under the awesome leadership of Carolyn Baker (

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